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Recycling in Region 8

Building Zero Waste Communities Webinar

Took place March 13, 2013
Speaker: Eric Lombardi, Eco-Cycle – Boulder, Colo.
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EPA Region 8 promotes waste prevention, reuse, recycling, and the responsible management of municipal solid waste. We work with our stakeholders, including state agencies and local governments, Indian tribes, universities and citizen groups, to address municipal solid waste management issues.

These actions support EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Program, a systemic approach that seeks to reduce materials use and their associated environmental impacts over their entire life cycle, starting with extraction of natural resources and product design and ending with decisions on recycling or final disposal. This approach changes how we think about environmental protection and recognizes the impacts of the vast amount of materials we consume.

By examining how materials are used throughout their lifecycle, an SMM approach seeks to:

  • Use materials in the most productive way with an emphasis on using less.
  • Reduce toxic chemicals and environmental impacts throughout the material life cycle.
  • Assure we have sufficient resources to meet today’s needs and those of the future.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Waste


Pollution Prevention
Practices that reduce or eliminate the creation of pollutants.

WasteWise Program
Targets the reduction of municipal solid waste.


Buying Recycled
Purchasing products made with recovered materials.
EPA provided grant funding to support the Reuse Development Organization (ReDO) , which is a non-profit organization that promotes reuse as an environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and economical means for managing surplus and discarded materials. ReDO also maintains a database of reuse organizations around the country.


Basic Recycling Resources
Information on recycling plus links to publications and Web sites providing in-depth material on specific recycling issues.

Community Locator –
Find out where to properly recycle items such as computers, batteries, and aluminum cans. Geographically specific environmental and recycling information created in partnership between EPA, the 50 states and dozens of public and private organizations.

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Your county or state waste programs also offer specific information on where to recycle common recyclables.

EPA Region 8
Kim Bartels (
Electronics Stewardship and Recycling Coordinator

Region 8 State Resources

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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Solid Waste and Materials Management Division
Colorado Association for Recycling
Colorado Recycles


Montana Department of Environmental Quality – Recycling and Waste Reduction

North Dakota

North Dakota Solid Waste and Recycling Association
North Dakota Department of Health, Division of Waste Management

South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Waste Management – Recycling
South Dakota Solid Waste Management Association


Recycling Coalition of Utah
Utah Department of Environmental Quality – Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste
Utah Department of Environmental Quality – Pollution Prevention (P2)
Department of Environmental Quality – Pollution Prevention (P2): Recycling Electronics Responsibly


Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality - Solid and Hazardous Waste Division
Wyoming Solid Waste and Recycling Association

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