Region 8

State Partnerships

Region 8 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is comprised of six states—Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. Each of these states works in partnership with the EPA to carry out the requirements of various environmental statutes for which the U.S. Congress has charged the EPA with implementation.

Through delegation of these programs from the EPA to the states, our states help us to dedicate significantly more resources to the business of protecting the environment than the EPA alone could provide.

Region 8 and the states have added a new State Capacity Enhancement priority to the Region 8 Strategic Plan. This priority is intended to further improve the federal-state working relationship and to identify opportunities to enhance state capacity to deliver environmental program services. The elements of the priority include: ensuring adequate resources and staff, partnering and work-sharing, technical assistance, training opportunities, and innovations and flexibility.

Another focus area in our partnership with states is improving the ability to focus limited resources on priorities. In Region 8, the EPA and states are collaborating on a priority-driven resource allocation process that makes sure that resources are deployed to the most critical environmental problems.

Visit the About Region 8 page to find links to our state partners' websites.

Region 8 State Directors' Meetings

2012 State Directors' Meeting Proceedings and Presentation (PDF), July 25–26, 2012 (217 pp, 21 MB, About PDF)

For more information on the State Assistance Program of the Office of Partnerships and Regulatory Assistance, please contact Monica Morales ( at 303-312-6936.