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Restrictions on Rodenticide Products

“Consumer Size” Products

Consumer products contain one pound or less of bait. Read the product label for information on how to use the product and any application restrictions. In addition:

  • Products cannot contain the pesticide active ingredients brodifacoum, difethialone, bromadiolone, or difenacoum, because of their higher toxicity to people, pets, children and wildlife. Products designed for sale to consumers are either first-generation anticoagulants or are not anticoagulants.
  • Loose poison baits such as pellets are prohibited.
  • Each product must include a bait station.
  • Products with bait stations can also include bait refills.
  • All outdoor above ground products must be placed within 50 feet of a building.

Professional Use Products

Pest control professionals apply pesticides in residential, agricultural, and industrial areas (among other locations). Pest control professionals must read and follow label directions to ensure that products are used appropriately.

  • These products must have bait stations when used indoors and above ground outdoors if children, pets, or non-target animals can come into contact with the pesticide.
  • All products used outdoors and above ground must be placed within 100 feet of a building or other structure.
  • Manufacturers may not market professional use products in “consumer” stores including grocery, hardware, and club stores.
  • Products containing first generation anticoagulant or non-anticoagulant baits must be sold in quantities that include at least four pounds of poison bait.
  • Products containing second generation anticoagulant baits:
    • Must be sold in quantities that contain at least 16 pounds of poison bait when labeled for use above ground outdoors.
    • Must be sold in quantities that contain at least eight pounds of poison bait when labeled for use around agricultural buildings.

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