Mouse and rat poisons in pellet form banned

Small pile of rat poison in pellet form

EPA has been working with manufacturers to ensure that safer rodenticide products are available to consumers for use in controlling rodents in the house: 

  • All rodenticide bait products marketed to residential consumers must be sold as a block or paste bait, packaged with an EPA-approved bait station.  Mouse and rat poisons in pellet form are banned
  • Products marketed to residential consumers may contain no more than 1 pound of rodenticide bait.
  • Products marketed to residential consumers will no longer contain the most toxic and persistent pesticide active ingredients: second generation anticoagulants brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difenacoum, and difethialone. Products containing these active ingredients will only be available for commercial use and for residential use by professional pest control operators.

After June 4, 2011, any manufacturers who distribute or sell rodenticide products that do not meet the new risk mitigation goals will face EPA actions to remove those products from the market. See Cancellation Process for Certain Rodenticide Products.

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