Health of the Salish Sea Ecosystem Report

About this report

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The Health of the Salish Sea Report is a collaboration between EPA and Environment Canada.

Health of the Salish Sea Ecosystem Report

Executive Summary

Where is the Salish Sea?

Map of Salish Sea watershed.
Salish Sea watershed map courtesy of Western Washington University.

Indicator Status

Read our reports for each of the environmental measures - called indicators - that we're tracking.

Green indicator icon Air Quality
Red indicator icon Chinook Salmon
Green indicator icon Freshwater Quality
Red indicator icon Marine Species at Risk
Red indicator icon Marine Water Quality
Yellow indicator icon Shellfish Beaches
Yellow indicator icon Southern Resident Killer Whales
Red indicator icon Stream Flow
Yellow indicator icon Swimming Beaches
Green indicator icon Toxics in the Food Web


Green indicator icon Improving trend
Yellow indicator icon Neutral trend
Red indicator icon Declining trend

What's an Indicator?

Blood pressure guageIt's a gauge or point of reference - like your blood pressure is a gauge of your body's overall health. We can learn about an ecosystem's overall health by studying certain plants, animals, and other environmental indicators.

Sustainable Perspectives

Berry pickingThroughout this report you will see references to "sustainable perspectives" which are based on traditional ecological knowledge. This knowledge is built over generations as people learn from the land and the sea they depend on for their food, materials, and culture. Learn more about traditional knowledge