EPA Science Matters Newsletter

Protecting Human Health in Everything We Do

Protecting human health is at the core of EPA's mission and the research EPA conducts. (Posted October 2014). Read more about human health research at EPA.


Good Science Starts with Good Ethics

Introducing EPA's new Human Subjects Research Review Official Dr. Toby Schonfeld. (Posted October 2014).  Read more about Dr. Schonfeld and EPA Ethics.


Exposure Science in the 21st Century

EPA researchers are advancing the science of how people encounter environmental contaminants. (Posted October 2014). Read more about exposure science.


IRIS Improves: EPA Advances Signature Chemical Health Assessment Program

National Academy of Sciences report applauds Agency actions to enhance program. (Posted October 2014). Read more about Integrated Risk Information System.


EPA Dioxin Science Continues to Have Impact

Agency’s “Team Dioxin” lauded for completing long-anticipated health assessment. (Posted October 2014). Read more about dioxin.


Effort to Cut Children’s Lead Exposure Continues

Agency scientists release the latest Integrated Science Assessment in support of clean air standards. (Posted October 2014). Read more about children's lead exposure.


Clean Air, Healthy Hearts, Longer Lives

EPA research supports actions to extend the positive impacts of cleaner air to everyone, continuing a forty-year legacy of human health achievement. (Posted October 2014). Read more about clean air.


Working with Navajo Nation for Cleaner, Healthier Heat

EPA researchers and partners are teaming up to explore how to improve indoor air and health for Navajo Nation. (Posted October 2014). Read more about working with Navajo Nation.


Healthier Nail Salons

EPA research supports initiative to promote healthier indoor environments for nail salon workers and customers. (Posted October 2014). Read more about healthier nail salons.


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