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San Francisco Bay Delta

Contact the SF Bay Delta Team

Erin Foresman (Foresman.Erin@epa.gov)
Bay Delta Environmental Scientist & Policy Coordinator
(916) 930-3722

Valentina Cabrera-Stagno (Cabrera-Stagno.Valentina@epa.gov)
San Joaquin River Basin Lead
(415) 972-3434

Luisa Valiela (Valiela.Luisa@epa.gov)
San Francisco Bay Lead
(415) 972-3400

Sam Ziegler (Ziegler.Sam@epa.gov)
Watersheds Office Manager
(415) 972-3399

Tim Vendlinski (Vendlinski.Tim@epa.gov)
Senior Policy Advisor, Water Division
(415) 972-3469

Erica Yelensky (Yelensky.Erica@epa.gov)
San Francisco Bay Outreach Coordinator
(415) 972-3021

Trish Hudnall (Hudnall.Patricia@epa.gov)
Website Editor
(415) 947-4277