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San Francisco Bay Delta

Project Map and Partners

SFBWQIF Projects Map

Many projects take place in several locations. The points on the map below represent approximate project locations. Visit the interactive San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund Projects Map  Exit
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  • SFBWQIF Projects and Grantee Details

    Project/Grantee details are divided into three tables by project type.

    Restoring Wetlands
    Map # Project Name * Grantee
    2 Shoreline Habitat Restoration Save the Bay
    3 Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Corte Madera Wetlands Bay Conservation and Development Commission
    4 Bahia Restoration & Revegetation Project Marin Audubon Society
    5 Yosemite Slough Wetlands Restoration California State Parks Foundation
    6 Yosemite Slough Community Involvement Project California State Parks Foundation
    7 Invasive Spartina Removal Invasive Spartina Project
    8 Littorina Eradication Project Center for Research on Aquatic Bioinvasions
    9 Eelgrass and Oyster Bed Habitat Restoration California Coastal Conservancy
    10 Stonybrook Creek Bank Stabilization Alameda County Resource Conservation District
    30 Pond A17 Tidal Marsh Restoration California Coastal Conservancy
    36 Dutch Slough, Emerson Parcel Tidal Marsh Restoration, Contra Costa Co. California Coastal Conservancy
    37 Cullinan Ranch Tidal Marsh Restoration Project, Ducks Unlimited
    40 San Francisquito Creek Stabilization at Bonde Weir San Mateo Resource Conservation District
    41 San Pablo Bay Tidal Marsh Enhancement and Water Quality Improvement Audubon California
    44 Improved Flood Control Channel Design San Francisco Estuary Partnership
    45 Quartermaster Reach Restoration Project Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
    47 Sears Point Tidal Marsh Restoration Sonoma Land Trust
    * Many projects take place in several locations.
    Restoring Watersheds
    Map # Project Name * Grantee
    1 Stanley Reach Restoration Urban Creeks Council
    11 Senador Mine Erosion Control Santa Clara County Parks
    12/13 Implementing Napa Sediment TMDL: Protecting in Stream Flows for Fish California Land Stewardship Institute
    14 South Bay Salt Ponds Mercury Monitoring Project USGS
    15 Implementing Richardson Bay Sediment and Pathogen TMDLs County of Marin
    16 Implementing Napa Sediment and Pathogen TMDLs Napa Resource Conservation District
    17 Implementing Sonoma Sediment and Pathogen TMDLs Sonoma Ecology Center
    18 Bay Area Stream Channel Restoration Design Curves Waterways Restoration Institute
    19 SFEP Public Outreach San Francisco Estuary Partnership
    20 Keep It Clean- Trash Reduction in the Bay Save the Bay
    21 Implementing Sonoma Sediment and Pathogen TMDLs Southern Sonoma Resource Conservation District
    22 Implementing SF Bay PCB TMDL BASMAA
    23 GIS tracking of TMDL implementation San Francisco Estuary Institute
    29 Coyote Creek Trash Reduction Project, Santa Clara Co. City of San Jose
    31 Napa River Rutherford Reach Restoration Napa County
    32 Napa River Oakville - Oak Knoll Restoration California Land Stewardship Institute
    33 Napa River Sediment TMDL Tracking and Accounting system development Napa County
    34 Napa River Ranch Water Quality Plan Development Napa County
    35 Napa River Region Rural Roads Assessment Napa County
    39 Reducing Residential Pesticide Use San Francisco Estuary Partnership
    42 Reducing Packaging at Fast Food Establishments Clean Water Fund
    43 Alameda Creek Restoration Alameda County Resource Conservation District
    46 Napa River Restoration & Sediment TMDL Implementation Napa County
    48 South Bay Salt Pond Mercury Studies California State Coastal Conservancy
    * Many projects take place in several locations.
    Greening Urban Development: Reducing Polluted Runoff
    Map # Project Name * Grantee
    24 Mapping Impervious Surfaces in Alameda County Community Conservation International
    25 Fremont Tree Well Filter Project City of Fremont
    26 North Richmond Stormwater Diversion Pilot Project City of Richmond
    27 Newcomb Avenue LID Model Project City of San Francisco
    28 Cesar Chavez Street Green Infrastructure Project San Francisco Planning Department
    38 San Pablo Avenue Green Stormwater Spine San Francisco Estuary Partnership
    * Many projects take place in several locations.

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  • SFBWQIF Partner Details
    San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund Partners
    1 Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District 36 Resources Legacy Fund
    2 Association of Bay Area Governments 37 San Francisco Department of Public Works 
    3 Bay Conservation and Development Commission 38 San Francisco Estuary Institute
    4 California Department of Fish and Game 39 San Francisco Estuary Partnership
    5 California Land Stewardship Institute 40 San Francisco Planning Department
    6 California State Coastal Conservancy 41 San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
    7 CCPuede 42 San José  Destination: Home
    8 California State Parks Foundation 43 San José  Downtown Street Teams ·
    9 Caltrans 44 San José  State University
    10 Center for Research on Aquatic Bioinvasions 45 San José Strong Neighborhoods Initiative Program
    11 City and County of San Francisco 46 Santa Clara County Parks
    12 City of Albany 47 Santa Clara Valley Water District
    13 City of Berkeley 48 Save the Bay
    14 City of El Cerrito 49 Sonoma Ecology Center
    15 City of Emeryville 50 Southern Sonoma County Resource Conservation District
    16 City of Fremont 51 Urban Creeks Council
    17 City of Oakland 52 US Fish and Wildlife Service
    18 City of Richmond 53 Waterways Restoration Institute
    19 City of San Carlos 54 California Department of Public Health
    20 City of San José Environmental Services Department  55 Sonoma Land Trust
    21 City of San Pablo 56 Alameda County Resource Conservation District
    22 Community Conservation Solutions 57 Presidio Trust
    23 Contra Costa Flood Control District 58 Clean Water Fund
    24 County of Napa 59 National Audubon Society
    25 Department of Water Resources 60 San Mateo Resource Conservation District
    26 Ducks Unlimited 61 San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority
    27 Friends of the Urban Forest   62 Bay Area Flood Protection Agencies Association
    28 Marin Audubon Society 63 San Francisco Bay Joint Venture
    29 Marin County Department of Public Works 64 Marin County Flood Control District
    30 Marin Municipal Water District 65 Contra Costa County Flood Control District
    31 Napa County Resource Conservation District 66 Bay Protection Campaign
    32 NOAA 67 Our Water Our World
    33 North Bay Watershed Association 68 City of South San Francisco
    34 Plant SF  69 San Mateo County
    35 Reclamation District 2137     

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