EPA Communications Stylebook: Appendix A - Bibliography and Sources for this Manual

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Print Resources

  • The Associated Press Stylebook, 2007, The Associated Press publisher
  • The Elements of Style, by William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White, Fourth Edition, 2000, Allyn & Bacon
  • Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition, 1998, Merriam-Webster publisher

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Production/Pre-Production References

United States Code and Federal Government Regulations

  • Title 44 of the United States Code, Public Printing and Documents, contains the broad legal framework for all Government publishing.
  • Joint Committee on Printing, Government Printing and Binding Regulations, contains the authority for Government printing and binding.
  • OMB Circular A-25 describes free distribution of Government documents.

EPA Orders and Transmittals

  • Order 1000.25, Use of Recycled Paper (PDF) (1 pg, 55 K) Entering Intranet, states: "...contractors use recycled paper for all reports required for delivery to the Agency."
  • Order 1015.1B, EPA Identification Signs at Project Sites (PDF) (2 pp, 97 K) Entering Intranet, applies to "sites of projects which are operated or sponsored by EPAand applies topublicly visible construction site and demonstration project". It prohibits the appearance of "names of Program Offices".
  • Order 1015.2A, EPA Seal and Agency Identifier (PDF) (4 pp, 144 K) Entering Intranet, governs "visual communications" and emphasizes: "...all organizational units use...this order and those in the EPA Graphic Standards System Handbook..." It names the Director of theOffice of Public Awareness(now, Office of Public Affairs) as responsible for:implementation and continuous management of the EPA Graphic Standards System including supplements and revisions to the standards handbookand thegranting or denyingof exceptions. This Order states in part:

3a.Use of the Official Agency Seal will continue on all stationery and on flags, buildings, and project identifications signs. Use of the Seal is optional on calling cards and official Agency reports, such as reports to Congress, foreign governments, and other Federal agencies.

3b.The Agency will use the Agency Identifier on all brochures and other printed matter.

3c.This Agency will not use any visual identification forms other than those in this Order.

The Order also prohibits the use of EPA symbols for commercial purposes or for promotion or sale of private goods/services.

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EPA Manuals and Miscellaneous References

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EPA Regulations

Acquisition Regulation (EPAAR) 1552.208-70, clauses regarding printing by contractors, includes:

  • Printing, composition, camera copy, desktop publishing, microform, duplication and requirement definitions;
  • Prohibitions;
  • Affirmative requirements for double-sided coping and use of recycled paper;
  • Permitted contractor activities;
  • Violations; and
  • Flowdown provision.

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EPA Printing Management Circulars

Circular 02-03, EPA/202/N-92/004, describes the policy regarding the use of coated paper stocks.

Circular 03-03, EPA/202/N-92/004 (PDF) (4 pp, 148 K) Entering Intranet, describes use of the Government bankcard for photocopying needs.

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