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Free Sun Safety Resources

Get the free tool kit

Sign up for a FREE tool kit, containing over 50 cross-curricular, standards-based activities and a UV-sensitive Frisbee.

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Present sun safety to your students

Watch videos about sun safety

The SunWise media library includes videos and audio programs that cover the topics of UV radiation, ozone depletion, skin cancer prevention, and sun-safe behaviors.

Engage students in the SunWise with SHADE Poster Contest

K–8 students are invited to submit original, hand-drawn posters about sun safety to win great prizes. The contest deadline is April 1st every year.

Get fact sheets and handouts about sun safety

The SunWise publications library includes activities for kids and fact sheets about UV radiation, the UV Index, ozone science, and sun safety tips.

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Research skin cancer in your state

View and download fact sheets that give state-specific information about skin cancer incidence, mortality, and prevention.

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Enter UV data (teachers and classrooms)

Students and teachers in the SunWise program may create a database of UV Index and UV intensity measurements and generate reports.

Pledge to teach about sun safety for Don't Fry Day

Educators who pledge to teach about sun safety will receive FREE Don’t Fry Day stickers and posters.

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Get certified in sun safety

This interactive training provides outdoor educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to instill life-long sun-safe behaviors in the children under their care.

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Give us your feedback

After implementing the SunWise program, we invite you to complete a program evaluation survey. Your feedback about the usefulness of the educational materials helps improve the SunWise program.

SunWise Tool Kit

SunWise toolkit with activities and frisbee
  • Available in English or Spanish
  • Contains over 50 cross-curricular, standards-based activities for K-8 learning levels
  • Activity topics include:
    • UV radiation and stratospheric ozone science
    • Health effects from overexposure to UV radiation
    • Sun safety action steps to protect your health
  • Includes videos and background information about sun safety
  • Includes a UV-sensitive Frisbee for hands-on learning and physical fitness
Two UV sensitive frisbees - white and maroon
Distribution Policy
The SunWise program distributes the educational tool kit on a CD.  Limited hard copies are available upon request if an educator is unable to use a CD.
We encourage the SunWise tool kit to be placed in a central location within a school or organization, such as the library or media center, where educators can share and make copies of the materials (particularly if your school or organization has received a hard copy tool kit). More than one educator in a school or organization may register for a tool kit, especially if the student population is large and/or multiple classes or grade levels are participating. There is no need to re-register each year. One-time registration will keep you in the SunWise database.