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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I qualify for participation in the SunWise program?

The SunWise program is open to educators in elementary or middle schools, and to informal educators and non-profit organizations (e.g. camps, afterschool programs, science centers, museums, parks and recreation programs, scouting groups) interested in promoting sun safety. Educators in the United States who are currently working with children in grades K–8 may use the SunWise registration link to join the program. Student teachers, homeschool teachers, preschool and high school teachers, substitute teachers, and educators outside the Unites States may contact us at SunWise (sunwise@epa.gov) to request electronic copies of SunWise materials. We will mail SunWise materials (a tool kit on CD-ROM and a UV-sensitive Frisbee) free of charge to qualifying educators.

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2. Can more than one teacher or class in my school receive a SunWise tool kit?

Yes, more than one teacher or class in a school can register to receive a SunWise CD-ROM. Please see our tool kit distribution policy for exceptions.

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3. How long will it take for my kit to arrive?

It may take up to 6 weeks for your tool kit to arrive. Please contact SunWise (sunwise@epa.gov) if your kit has not arrived within this time frame or if you need the kit sooner.

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4. Are SunWise materials available in Spanish?

The tool kit and several other documents are available in Spanish. Please refer to our Spanish website for more details.

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5. I forgot/lost/could not copy down my SunWise class ID number.

If you no longer have your class ID number(s), please contact SunWise (sunwise@epa.gov) with your name and school, and we will provide you with your ID information.

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6. Our school operates during the summer. Is it possible to register my class and receive the tool kit during this time?

If you register during the summer months, the registration form will ask whether you want the tool kit to be sent right away or in the fall. If there are unusual circumstances, or if you have a question about summer registration, contact SunWise (sunwise@epa.gov).

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7. Do I need to re-register with the program for each year that I plan to participate?

No, you do not need to reregister each year. One-time registration will keep you in the SunWise database.

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8. How do I report UV Index information on the SunWise web site? How often should I report UV data from my UV meter or from weather reports? Is there a specific time of day when I should collect data?

Please visit UV data to report your class’s records of the UV Index. There is no specific time of day at which we require that you collect data. You can perform this activity with your class at your convenience. We encourage you to post/report data at least three times weekly for five months to give your class the opportunity to observe daily, seasonal, and weather-related differences in the UV Index.

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9. Where can I obtain a UV meter or other products to measure UV rays at my convenience?

If you would like to obtain a UV meter or related product, we suggest that you enter “UV meter, UV sensitive Frisbee, UV beads” etc. in your search engine. EPA cannot endorse the products and services of any vendors.

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10. Where can I obtain more information regarding the ozone layer, ozone depletion, and global warming?

For more information on these topics, please visit the Ozone Layer Protection page and the Climate Change page.

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11. Is there a SunWise video?

SunWise videos are available online

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SunWise Tool Kit

SunWise toolkit with activities and frisbee
  • Available in English or Spanish
  • Contains over 50 cross-curricular, standards-based activities for K-8 learning levels
  • Activity topics include:
  • Includes videos and background information about sun safety
  • Includes a UV-sensitive Frisbee for hands-on learning and physical fitness
Two UV sensitive frisbees - white and maroon
Distribution Policy
The SunWise program distributes the educational tool kit on a CD.  Limited hard copies are available upon request if an educator is unable to use a CD.
We encourage the SunWise tool kit to be placed in a central location within a school or organization, such as the library or media center, where educators can share and make copies of the materials (particularly if your school or organization has received a hard copy tool kit). More than one educator in a school or organization may register for a tool kit, especially if the student population is large and/or multiple classes or grade levels are participating. There is no need to re-register each year. One-time registration will keep you in the SunWise database.