Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

2009 TRI National Analysis Basic Plus Data Files

The downloadable data files on this webpage contain the RY 2009 TRI information originally made available in the fall of 2010. Please note that these files don't reflect any data revisions or withdrawals submitted by facilities since the fall of 2010. If you're looking for the most current 2009 TRI data, please see the TRI Basic Data Files or TRI Basic Plus Data Files webpages.

The TRI Basic Plus Data Files include seven file types (bundled into a zipped format for downloading) that collectively contain all the data submitted on the TRI Reporting Form A or Form R (except Schedule 1) Certification Statement by facilities. The data contained in each of the files are comma delimited ASCII text. This format loads easily into many spreadsheets and database software applications. Many of the descriptions refer to the TRI Form A and Form R Certification Statement. These are the forms that facilities use to submit data to the TRI Program. The TRI Reporting Forms and Instructions document contains the actual forms and instructions for completing them, as well as complete lists of values for the data fields. For more information about using these files, including detailed descriptions of the data fields, see the TRI Basic Plus Data Files Guide for RY 2009 (PDF).

The seven file types in TRI Basic Plus data files include the following:

Type 1: Facility, Chemical, Releases and Other Waste Management Summary Information

Type 2:

  • a: Detailed Source Reduction Activities and Methods
  • b: Detailed On-Site Waste Treatment Methods and Efficiency

Type 3:

  • a: Details of Transfers Off-site
  • b: Details of Transfers to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW)

Type 4: Details of Facility Information

Type 5: Additional Information on Source Reduction, Recycling and Pollution Control

NOTE: Quantities of dioxin and dioxin-like compounds are reported in grams; all other chemicals are reported in pounds.