Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

TRI.NET User's Guide: Graphical User Interface

To build queries, variables can be found in hierarchical folders, and are selected using check boxes. Query results are presented in a sortable grid.

Query variable hierarchy:

Query variable hierarchy

Results grid:

Results grid



When requesting data or running a query, persons with disabilities who are using screen readers can activate the "cursor change" audio alert (or similar feature) in their screen reader program, which will indicate when the TRI.NET program is in the process of downloading data (via the "Get Data" feature) or running a query. Once the query results have been generated, persons with disabilities can then use the Tab key to navigate through the results. Current screen readers, such as JAWS 9.0, will read aloud the column headers in TRI.NET to help users correctly identify the various components of the query results.