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  • Chicago puts its money where its water is; Mayor announces $10 million cleanup of Chicago River:
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  • First annual FLOAT-IN in Washington DC or a river near you
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  • EPA issues permits to help Idaho officials reduce phosphorus discharge into Boise River by 98%.
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  • EPA sets aside $100,000 in funding for studies of pollution in New Jersey's Raritan River:
  • Department of the Interior's WaterSMART Program gives $2.4 million to study #UrbanWaters in five western water basins:
  • On March 21, join EPA for a free webinar celebrating the Clean Water Act 40th anniversary:
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  • EPA invests $4 million in cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay's rural and #UrbanWaters: http://1.usa.gov/FQ1WAD
  • EPA proposes $16.4 million action to improve #UrbanWaters at Rutherford, New Jersey Superfund site:
  • EPA grant to help "citizen scientists" learn more about air pollution and pollution to #UrbanWaters:
  • Using green infrastructure to improve #UrbanWaters? Apply for EPA's green infrastructure program today!
  • Two new litter traps help protect the Anacostia River:
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  • EPA environmental workforce development and job training grant puts Americans to work, while protecting the environment:
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  • Using green infrastructure to improve #UrbanWaters? Apply for EPA's Green Infrastructure Program today!
  • Time is running out to register for EPA’s free Watershed Academy webinar on impaired waters restorability.!
    http://1.usa.gov/99roMR #UrbanWaters.
  • A San Diego surfer shows the beauty and plight of the nation’s #UrbanWaters in Riverview Project.!
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  • Want to improve #UrbanWaters in San Francisco Bay? Apply for EPA funding by March 16:!
  • To improve #UrbanWaters, volunteers removed 2,875 pounds of litter from the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C.!
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  • Can clean #UrbanWaters add $1 billion to Chicago's economy? The question is explored in new Economist article.
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  • LA Council for Watershed Health uses green infrastructure to improve #UrbanWaters in one local neighborhood.
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  • With new water protection plan, Newport, Ohio is latest example of EPA efforts to protect #UrbanWaters in the state.
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  • Federal #UrbanWaters Initiative is celebrated by Quality of Life Council.
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  • Ready to fight pollution in your region's #UrbanWaters? Apply for an EPA Urban Waters Small Grant today!
  • Check out U.S. Forest Service's new Forest to Faucet maps linking healthy forests to healthy #UrbanWaters
  • Building urban forests can improve #UrbanWaters. Apply for the urban and community forestry grant by Dec. 1!
  • #NRDC proposes green infrastructure to protect #UrbanWaters through Rooftops to Rivers II.
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  • EPA approves Zanesville, Ohio's big steps to prevent the contamination of #UrbanWaters
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  • Think restoring #UrbanWaters can revitalize your community? If so, apply for an EPA Urban Waters Small Grant today!
  • In EPA’s DC headquarters, the city tunnels its way to cleaner #UrbanWaters and invests in greener space.
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  • Working to restore wetlands, stream banks, or coasts? Apply today for the Five Star Grant Program.
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  • EPA efforts bring new life to Newtown Creek, one of the most polluted water bodies in North America.
  • Want to improve your region’s water quality? Apply today for EPA’s #UrbanWaters Small Grants.
  • Learn how smart growth planning can improve your #UrbanWaters at EPA’s 2012 Smart Growth Conference.
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  • More trees help improve #UrbanWaters.  Apply for grants to expand your city's jungle.
  • EPA join state and local officials in celebrating the newest stretch of the Anacostia trail.
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  • New approach by EPA will help cities and towns improve #UrbanWaters
  • Save 110 billion gallons of water or cut $410M in bills? With EPA's WaterSense program, we can do both.
  • New EPA CARE grantee Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition/Technical Advisory Group hopes to revive a valley.
  • Mystic River Watershed Association shares EPA's passion for protecting #UrbanWaters.
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  • DOI Sec. Salazar makes a splash visiting Bronx & Harlem Rivers, an EPA UrbanWaters Federal Partnership Pilot
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  • EPA shares Salazar's excitement for D.C.’s Anacostia Riverwalk, to officially open on Nov 4.
  • EPA is proud to see GWARDC's Bandalong Litter Trap clean up the Anacostia River
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  • A new NCBP grant helps EPA’s partner River Network protect water in LA, AL, MS, OH, MI, and DC’s Anacostia River.
  • With CitiesAlive 2011, The City of Brotherly Love connects two EPA favorites: green infrastructure & revitalizing urban waters.
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  • Looking for an Urban Sustainability Forum? EPA suggests Delaware River & Bay: Rebirth of a Natural Treasure.
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  • EPA grants help bring the Saw Mill River out of the dark and into the light.
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  • Not far from EPA's HQ home, City Council in Danville, VA ponders RiverDistrict redevelopment.
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  • Join Secretary Salazar as he highlights efforts to expand outdoor recreation in NY.
  • A new NCBP grant helps EPA’s partner River Network protect water in LA, AL, MS, OH, MI, and DC’s Anacostia River.
  • EPA is excited to see the NOAA Marine Debris Removal Grant open. Who knew marine debris could be so fun?
  • Conservation, recreation, and job creation, EPA partners with DOI and USDA to report good news in AGO report.
  • EPA's Urban Waters Partnership hopes to end years of neglect in the East Side Greenway.
  • In South Carolina, students are taking green steps toward a more sustainable future.
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  • EPA Region 3 takes a major step forward  to reach the goal of restoring the Anacostia River.
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  • The Nature Conservancy’s LEAF Program connects high school students to their through paid internships.
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  • Federal Agencies announce $10.9 million in environmental grants for Chesapeake Bay watershed.
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  • Using green infrastructure to manage stormwater problems in the Anacostia River, an EPA #UrbanWaters Pilot Location
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  • Metro State College of Denver gets $1 million donation to establish Center for #UrbanWaters Education and Stewardship
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  • Benefits of natural, sunlit river have drawn many to support the Saw Mill River project in Yonkers, NY
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  • The Joplin Tree Recovery Program helps restore neighborhood and uses trees to tame stormwater runoff
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  • Anacostia watershed chosen as one of five Greening America's Capitals projects
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  • Grant opportunity from EPA Targeted Watersheds Initiative for watershed restoration projects at
  • Sunday was World Rivers Day, recognizing #UrbanWaters importance to public livelihood. What did you do to celebrate?
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  • Live by St.Louis River? Noticed its different appearance in September? Contact St.Louis River Alliance
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  • EPA and 10 Federal Agencies announce $6 Million Challenge to restore Great Lakes and create jobs
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  • Sign up for the Annual International Coastal Clean Up at an EPA #UrbanWaters location near you:
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  • Enjoy a free EPA Watershed Academy webcast on Sept 21 on the important issue of nutrient pollution #UrbanWaters
  • Watch the video: Hundreds of volunteers help restore the Duwamish River, an EPA #UrbanWaters subgrant recipient
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  • EPA committed to 'minority communities that often bear the brunt of environmental degradation.'
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  • EPA Announces 12 Great Lakes Restoration Investments in Michigan.
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  • EPA Federal Partnership Pilot partner works to create recreational space for youth in Denver's urban watershed.
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  • EPA stresses the need to strengthen partnerships between federal and local governments to harvest good ideas like the #UrbanWaters Effort
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  • EPA and Federal Partners to give nearly $155 Million in Federal Funding to local governments:
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