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Urban Waters Small Grants

Currently there is no open Request for Proposals (RFP). Please regularly check back for announcements on funding opportunities and other resources!

Map of Urban Waters Small Grants since 2012
Urban Waters Small Grants since 2012


The goal of the Urban Waters Small Grants program is to fund research, investigations, experiments, training, surveys, studies, and demonstrations that will advance the restoration of urban waters by improving water quality through activities that also support community revitalization and other local priorities.Since its inception in 2012, the program has awarded approximately $5.3 million in Urban Waters Small Grants to 92 organizations across the country and Puerto Rico. The grants are competed and awarded every two years, with individual award amounts of up to $60,000.

The Urban Waters Small Grants are expanding the ability of communities to engage in activities that improve water quality in a way that also advances community priorities. Our program recognizes that healthy and accessible urban waters can help grow local businesses and enhance educational, recreational, social, and employment opportunities in nearby communities.

We encourage all applicants to join the Urban Waters Network, where members are notified about new funding opportunities, other available resources for local efforts, and success stories about communities reclaiming their urban waters. To join, please go to Urban Waters home, and click on “Get Email Updates”.