Nonaqueous-Phase Liquid (NAPL) Simulator

NAPL Simulator conducts a simulation of the contamination of soils and aquifers that results from the release of organic liquids commonly referred to as nonaqueous-phase liquids (NAPLS). The simulator is applicable to three interrelated zones: a vadose zone that is in contact with the atmosphere, a capillary zone, and a water-table aquifer zone. Three mobile phases are accommodated: water, NAPL, and gas. The three-phase k-S-P sub-model accommodates capillary and fluid entrapment hysteresis. NAPL dissolution and volatilization are accounted for through rate-limited mass transfer sub-models.

The numerical solution is based on a Hermite collocation finite element discretization. The simulator provides an accurate solution of a coupled set of non linear partial differential equations that are generated by combining fundamental balance equations with constitutive thermodynamic relationships.

This model is available in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional version.

Version 2.0
Release Date November 2010
Operating System DOS


US EPA. (1997) "NAPL: Simulator Documentation." Publication NO. EPA/600/R-97/102. 

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