Water Research Webinar Series

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November 19th Webinar

Sustainability in Action: Innovative EPA Net Zero Technology Demonstration Partnerships 

In 2011 EPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the U.S. Army to support their Net Zero Initiative goals to safeguard resources, manage natural resources and manage costs on Army installations. The participating installations aim to produce as much energy as consumed; limit freshwater use and increase water reuse; and reduce solid waste generation. EPA is currently working with Fort Riley, Kansas and Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland to demonstrate new and innovative technologies; methods; and approaches that will not only help achieve Net Zero goals, but also advance the state of the science. In 2012, EPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Defense (DoD) to promote and demonstrate innovative tools and technologies on DoD bases, expanding opportunities to promote and transfer technology successes to military bases and surrounding communities.

Current EPA Net Zero projects include:

  • Decentralized Wastewater Treatment for Water Reuse and Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Water Demand, Conservation and Outreach
  • Containment and Control of Contaminated Wastewater
  • Hospital Water Quality Monitoring
  • Triple Value Simulation Systems Model
  • DoD-EPA Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) Water Reuse solicitation

More recently, EPA’s NetZero efforts are helping communities find ways to reduce their water, waste and energy footprints while fostering economic growth and promoting citizen health and well-being.

Presented by: Ardra Morgan  

Ardra Morgan

Ardra Morgan is a Senior Advisor with the US EPA.  She currently manages research and development activities being conducted under a first of its kind partnership between the EPA and US Army. The goal is to develop and demonstrate new and innovative technologies for use on installations striving towards net zero waste, water and energy goals.  Prior to her work on this initiative, Ardra contributed to the development of EPA’s Safe and Sustainable Water Research Program.  Ardra began her federal career with the Department of Defense working on major weapon systems and reconnaissance programs in the US Air Force Material Command and AF Space Command. 

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