To change the password on your account

EPA builds all web content in the Drupal WebCMS as of January 2013. All new microsites and resource directories will be created using Drupal.  There is still content on EPA's legacy servers and this content will be maintained there until it is transformed and moved into the Drupal WebCMS.  The following information should be used only for minor updates/maintenance of existing pages; any significant updates or revisions to existing pages should be done in the context of One EPA Web content transformation into the Drupal WebCMS

These directions apply to changing the password on the unix system and working in tssms.  If you use the Drupal WebCMS, they do not apply.

Login to your account. Then type


and press enter.


login: jsa 
Password: abc123 passwd

The computer prompts you for the existing password. Type the existing password and then press enter.

Enter existing login password: abc123

For security, your password will not actually appear on the screen.

The computer then prompts:

New password: xyz987 
Re-enter password: xyz987 
Passwd: password successfully changed for jsa (your user ID)

For security, your password will not actually appear on the screen.

If your password does not work or if your account is locked, contact the EPA Call Center at 1-866-411-4EPA (4372). Provide them the server name, your TSSMS account and user ID and ask for the password to be reset. The TSC then will process your request. Please note: due to security considerations, your identity and access rights need to be authenticated before your request can be processed and this may require a little time.

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