Document Pages - How we publish PDFs in Drupal WebCMS

Document pages collect information about the PDF file, ensuring metadata for the content and improving search results for PDF documents.

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What does a Document Page do?

  • It presents PDFs.
  • It's intended to have a 1:1 relationship with a PDF document.
  • It's the page that describes the document and what people should expect when they go to that document.

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Why do we have Document Pages?

  • We want people to find what they're looking for at  
  • We have very bad metadata at EPA and the PDF metadata is even worse than the HTML. The required metadata for a document page ensures metadata for the content.
  • We are ensuring that our search results, at the very least, provide good titles to our users.

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Benefits of a Document Page

  1. The link is managed.  This means if the page or file name changes the system remembers the link and sends people coming to the old link to the new link.  This does not work with the PDF file by itself.
  2. The  PDF disclaimer and document information is automatically added. 
  3. PDF files will not be indexed in the search engine; document pages will be
  4. We will be creating automated lists using our metadata to show the information we have on a topic. Document pages will appear in the list and PDF files will not. 

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How does a Document Page present PDFs?

  • The link for the PDF appears after all the text you add to the document page.
  • The link follows EPA's PDF linking standard.
  • A right-aligned PDF disclaimer appears on the page, in accordance with EPA standards.

For instructions how to make a document page, see Creating and Editing Document Pages (log in required).

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Can I put more than one PDF document on a Document Page?

Yes, but only if that set of PDFs is a collection.  


What we do not want is multiple PDFs on a document page that have no relationship to each other. That would make search engines (not just ours) return confusing and inaccurate results, creating a poor experience for our audience.

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Isn't it bad to move documents one click further away?

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