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Q: How do I get access to the Drupal WebCMS?

If you are:

  • An EPA Employee, in the office or using an EPA laptop and the workplace login.
  • A contractor with an epa.gov e-mail addresses
  • An offsite contractor who created an user id and password to use the Documentum WebCMS

Go to https://wcms.epa.gov/user (log in required). Log in with your LAN ID and password. You can view all content at this point but you cannot begin creating content. Once you have logged in for the first time, the editor or webmaster and federal employee for your web area can submit a request to add you to the web area. You will be alerted of your addition to a web area by e-mail.

Note:  EPA Employees not using an EPA laptop will need AAA access but will still use their LAN id and password.

Q: How do offsite contractors access the Drupal WebCMS?

Off-site contractors must create an user id and password at http://portal.epa.gov/.  Use this user id, in the format of firstname_lastname, and password to log into the Drupal WebCMS. Before an user id is created an e-mail verification from an EPA contact who manages your work must be received.

  • Go to portal.epa.gov
  • Click on the link "self-register."
  • For the fields about "EPA contact," put in the name of your EPA sponsor and their email address and phone number.
  • For "Select the Community or Application for which you are requesting access,"choose General Web Application Access

These passwords are managed at  http://portal.epa.gov by going to the profile tab or by using the Forgot Password link on the main page.

Note: Off-site contractors must have remote access (using Firepass) to the EPA network to use the Drupal WebCMS. It is inexpensive and simple to acquire via the Working Capital Fund.

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How do I access the Drupal WebCMS when I'm not in an EPA office?

  • If you've brought your EPA laptop with you, connect using the Remote Access Solution.
  • If you have AAA and use an RSA SecurID Token, you will be able to access the Web CMS once you are logged in.
  • If you're working from a home PC and using the workplace connection solution, you will not be able to get to the Drupal WebCMS.

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Q: Once I've registered, how do I log into the Drupal WebCMS?

Go to https://wcms.epa.gov/user.  Log in with your user id and password.  

Note: For best results, use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser when working with Drupal WebCMS. Problems have been reported with Internet Explorer. You do not need administrator rights to your computer to install Chrome.

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What browser should I use to edit in Drupal WebCMS?

  • Best: Chrome. Drupal WebCMS works well in it, and you don't need admin rights to your computer to install and upgrade it.  There is an EPA waiver to allow developers to load it on their PCs.
  • Second best: Firefox. If you already have it installed, you can use it. But you'll need someone with administrator rights to keep it and its plugins up to date.
  • Do not use: Internet Explorer. Drupal WebCMS does not work well in IE.
  • NOTE: For Agency applications like People Plus, use Internet Explorer. That's the browser they were designed to perform best in and the only one supported for accessing agency systems.

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Q: Oops. I locked myself out of the Drupal WebCMS. What do I do?

Go to http://portal.epa.gov/. Try to log in.

If you're able to log in to the portal, you're locked out of the Drupal WebCMS system. Contact Web CMS Support (web_cms_support@epa.gov) for help.

If you cannot log into the portal, contact EZTech to reset your user id and password. Call 1-866-411-4EPA (4372) to request the reset.

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Q: I'm logged into the Drupal WebCMS. Now what can I do?

There are several roles in the Drupal WebCMS (log in required) and each allows a certain set of actions for the user in the system.

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