Introduction to the Drupal WebCMS

Constructing Content in the Drupal WebCMS

Drupal WebCMS is a dynamic system.  That means that content is assembled on demand when someone requests content.  The Drupal WebCMS pulls the content and wraps it in the look and feel.   The system requires metadata to save a page.  We will take advantage of the dynamic system and use this required metadata when we have more content.

In Drupal WebCMS you focus on the content.   You put content into fields of a form.  You add EPA standard styles to the content to improve the content's usability. 

In Drupal WebCMS, the EPA look and feel frame is applied.  We have built a responsive framework.  Our content will respond to the device visiting which means that our content is optimized for all size screens – desktop monitors, tablets and phones.  Local styles can break responsiveness and that's why we do not allow local styles on

Detailed information on how to build content in the Drupal WebCMS can be found on the Drupal Web CMS training site

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