Web Metrics Measuring EPA Web Site Performance

The OEI, OIAA, Information Access Division (IAD)’s Web Metrics Initiative has implemented Maxamine software, which provides an extensive array of quality assurance and traffic reports. Maxamine produces more than 100 different reports.

Quality Assurance Reports

  • Broken links, poorly labeled links, 508 problems, missing tags, missing metadata, redundant files and much more.

Traffic Reports

  • Page visits, top referrers, top referring pages, top search terms and much more

IAD’s Web Metrics Center of Excellence runs the reports monthly for TSMSSs on, cfpub and Yosemite. TSSMS Aliases are resolved and all logs are filtered to remove web robots ("bots") and to correct for PDF inflation.

Reports can be accessed on the Maxcentral page

  • The server is only accessible from within EPA (AAA request pending)
  • IE 6.0 users need (see Field Guide):
    • The Transport Layer Security (TLS) turned on (Open the Internet Options on Tools, click the Advanced tab, and ensure that the "Use TLS 1.0" checkbox is checked.)
    • The Scalable Vector Graphics plug-in

A link to the Maxamine Field Guide is located in the upper right corner of the Maxcentral page. Users are urged to read and have the Maxamine Field Guide in front of them when exploring the reports.