Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps

Please Note: There is currently a temporary freeze on adding new content to the EPA mobile website.  During this freeze, no new content will be accepted on other than mobile apps and news/banner updates.  Static HTML content intended for mobile audiences should be developed in Drupal, which offers responsive design.  The Committee will reevaluate this decision in 2014.

Did you know? EPA has a mobile web site.

The EPA mobile website, and others like it, is optimized for viewing with mobile browsers, like those found on mobile devices. Our mobile website is the public gateway to our mobile content. Most smart phone browsers that access the EPA homepage will be redirected to the mobile website (visitors can reach the "full" EPA website by clicking on "Full Site" at the bottom of all mobile pages). There is a link to the mobile website in the footer of the EPA's main template and at the top of EPA's home page.

Please Note: The EPA mobile website represents a temporary strategy for publishing mobile content. As the Agency moves to a new Web Content Management System (WebCMS), it may not be necessary to host mobile content on a separate site. We are considering a multitude of approaches, using this WebCMS, to ensure that our content is future-friendly  Exit.

The EPA mobile website provides visitors with access to content and mobile applications (apps) that have particular relevance in the mobile context. The mobile website is also much smaller (file size and content-wise). Due to mobile bandwidth and platform limitations, it is important that all content for the mobile website be concise. (A case can be made that our "desktop" site should be the same way.)

For these reasons, careful consideration is given to all material that is posted to the site. All such content must use the mobile template. To maintain a uniform mobile presence, do not publish mobile content outside of This does not apply to Web pages that are automatically optimized for mobile browsers by a WebCMS. If you are interesting in publishing content to, please review the pages listed here: