National Content Manager

Authority, Responsibilities and Qualifications


The National Web Content Manager reports directly to the Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education (OEAEE) and consults with the Assistant Administrator of the Office of Environmental Information (OEI).


The National Web Content Manager:

  • Provides a vision for the communication of Agency information on
  • Serves as managing editor for the Agency Web site.
  • Coordinates closely with the National Infrastructure Manager (NIM).
  • Serves with the NIM as co-chair of the Web Council.
  • Coordinates content reorganization across the Agency.
  • Oversees development of content supporting Agency actions and announcements.
  • Enhances the efficient and effective presentation of Agency information.
  • Coordinates Agency Web crisis communications.
  • Identifies current and future content needs and priorities; develops annual plan and strategy in association with NIM.
  • Envisions and encourages new means of enhancing Web communications.
  • Manages the development and implementation of Web content policy, procedures and standards.
  • Is an advocate for the Web to senior and middle management.
  • Represents EPA on interagency content management issues.
  • Coordinates training for program and regional office content coordinators.


The National Content Manager shall:

  • Demonstrate creativity in utilizing the Web to communicate Agency information, achievements and positions.
  • Demonstrate ability to capture and convey the interrelationship of program information.
  • Plans and leads with broad-based visions and strategies for content.
  • Be a strong writer and editor, with emphasis on story/contextual editing.
  • Be experienced in the non-linear presentation of information.
  • Demonstrate accomplishment in the communication of scientific and technical information to a broad range of readers.
  • Be fully cognizant of Agency policy and priorities.
  • Be experienced in managing large and wide-reaching communications projects.
  • Demonstrate experience in managing complex work flows and multi-tasking under pressure and on deadline.
  • Be conversant in Web basics.
  • Demonstrate experience in guiding and working in a collaborative environment.