Office of Web Communications Contacts

EPA's Office of Web Communications (OWC) is responsible for maintaining and updating the content on and on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other third-party sites where EPA provides content.

Learn how OWC reviews and approves of EPA's web content.

If you'd like OWC to review your concept for a new social media tool, want to highlight a program or announcement on the home page, or have a question about posting content on, email OWC.

For questions about social media, please contact Jessica Orquina at 202 564-0446.

Topic Contact Phone
40th Anniversary site James Wade 202-564-0427
About EPA website James Wade
Christine Dibble
Banners (mobile and Kelly Dulka 202-564-0449
Careers website Christine Dibble 202-564-9147 challenges/contests Jeff Morin 202-564-6553
Coding and scripting Jeff Morin 202-564-2756
Commsearch.htm (zip code search) Jeff Morin 202-564-6553
Community-Based Initiative Jeff Morin 202-564-6553
CFLs website Christine Dibble 202-564-9147
Crisis communications Jeffrey Levy 202-564-9727
Earth Day Jeff Morin 202-564-6553
ecoAmbassadors website James Wade 202-564-0427
Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships website James Wade 202-564-0427
Foreign language sites Christine Dibble 202-564-9147
GoGreen! newsletter Jeff Morin 202-564-6553
Home page, EPA Jeff Morin 202-564-6553
Hydraulic fracturing website Christine Dibble 202-564-9147
Interactive media Danny Hart 202-564-2756
LAN banners Denise Owens 202-564-7496
Media contacts beat list Kelly Dulka 202-564-0449
Mercury website Christine Dibble 202-564-9147
Mobile apps/websites Jeff Morin 202-564-6553
Natural disasters website Jeff Morin 202-564-6553
One EPA Web communications and content development strategy  Kathleen Mackinnon 202-564-0454
OpenGov website Sherry Maddox
Barry Everett
Podcasts Ron Slotkin,
AO/Office of Multimedia Services
Product Review website Christine Dibble 202-564-9147
Recovery/ARRA website James Wade 202-564-0427
Social media Jessica Orquina 202-564-0446
Social media terms of service Jessica Orquina 202-564-0446
State pages within Reggie Washington 202-564-0423
Stylebook, AP Christine Dibble 202-564-9147
Stylebook, EPA Communications Christine Dibble 202-564-9147
Tabs at top of home page (Channel pages: Learn the Issues, etc.) Susan Fagan, OEI 202-566-2021
Timelines James Wade 202-564-6553
Top stories, updating Kelly Dulka 202-564-0449
Usability for OneEPA Web Danny Hart 202-564-7577
Videos Ron Slotkin,
AO/Office of Multimedia Services
Weekly Web statistics report Denise Owens 202-564-7496
Web training site James Wade 202-564-0427
Widgets Jeff Morin 202-564-6553