OneEPA Web: Update on Rebuilding EPA's Website (2010 Memo)


Date: November 1, 2010

Subject: OneEPA Web: Update on Rebuilding EPA's Website

Seth Oster /s/, Associate Administrator, Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education

Malcolm D. Jackson /s/, Assistant Administrator and Chief Information Officer, Office of Environmental Education

To: Chief of Staff, Assistant Administrators. General Counsel, Inspector General, Chief Financial Officer, Associate Administrators, Regional Administrators, Staff Office Directors, Deputy Assistant Administrators, Deputy Regional Administrators

In her February 25, 2010 memorandum, Administrator Jackson directed us to "restructure EPA's on-line presence” by establishing an agency-wide strategy to improve and bring all web efforts under one umbrella. In addition, she named the Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education and the Office of Environmental Information as the Executive Sponsors of the OneEPA Web Initiative. EPA relies on our Web site to effectively communicate with our many audiences. We are providing you with this update on the OneEPA Web project and are requesting that you take specific steps to help us meet our objectives.

We are very pleased to announce our first major project milestone: the launch of the Google search engine in November 2010. Google will search across the Agency's internet content to improve the ability to find and use EPA's information. EPA is continuously working to improve the Web site to make information more transparent and accessible; the launch of the Google search engine is an important step in meeting these goals.

The OneEPA Web Leadership Team has been collaborating with your web and communications staff in conducting research on the best practice approach and developing a project plan for a revised OneEPA web structure. In the next steps in this endeavor, we are requesting that you work with your Public Affairs Director or Communications Director in these four specific actions:

  1. Complete migration of top-level organizational content, with appropriate tagging, to the About EPA web area by February 2011.
  2. Provide resources to support development, including tagging, and implementation of microsites and resource directories.
  3. Submit web topic priorities by November 19, 2010.
  4. Continue to participate in OneEPA web governance activities.

The details of these actions and an overview of project milestones and timeline are attached.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to reform EPA's Web site into a best-in-class resource. Please direct your questions or comments to Jeffrey Levy, Director of Web Communications, OEAEE (202-564-9727), or Jonda Byrd, National Web Infrastructure Manager, OEI (513-569-7183).


cc: Quality and Information Council
Public Affairs Directors
Communications Directors
Senior Information Officials
Web Council

Attachment 1 - OneEPA Web Update: Details of Action Needed

Attachment 2 - OneEPA Web Project Timeline