Overview of Workflows in Drupal WebCMS

Workflows are intended to track the approval of content in the Drupal WebCMS.  

Who can do what in a Drupal WebCMS Workflow?

  • Editors, webmasters can create, edit and publish content.
  • Authors can create and edit content.  Authors must go through a review and approval step to publish content.  Authors choose the Send for Review link when content is ready to be published.
  • Approvers can approve content for publishing to EPA.gov
  • Editors and webmasters can send an item through a workflow, if needed to capture the approval information, by selecting the Send for Review link.

Learn more about the different workflow states.

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What to Expect when You Put Content into a Workflow

When someone puts content into a workflow, they will be asked to fill in a message box to say why they are moving it into workflow.  

Example messages:

  • Basic Information page is complete and needs review before publication.  
  • Basic Information page has been updated with the XXX information and needs review to republish the content

When a content creator is ready to submit content for review, they will select the Send for Review link that appears at the top of the content.

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Approver Options

Once content has been submitted for review, anyone with the web master, editor or approver role may approve the content.  These are the options:

  • Publish Now - which will publish the content to EPA.gov.  This is expected to be the most often chosen option.
  • Approve; leave unpublished - used when you want to approve the content but want to wait to publish the content.  For example, the content is tied to a press release being published at a later date.
  • Return to author - used when the reviewer believes that content needs further edits before it is posted to EPA.gov.  When the author completes the edits, the content is again sent for review.
  • Save for later (keep unpublished) - Choosing it means "never publish" and removes the content from the Pending Actions list for the approver.