Personal Information about EPA Staff on the Web


Do not create pages within that display staff biographies or that are otherwise about staff, except:

  • In or
  • Where the information is associated with an entry in an EPA blog

In, personal information including biographies is limited to information about top agency staff, including Assistant Administrators, Associate Administrators, Regional Administrators, the Inspector General, the General Counsel, the Science Advisor, Office Directors and Lab Directors.  Exceptions must be approved by your office or Regional Web Council member and by the Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education.

Cautious use of photos on EPA’s Web site is allowed under the following conditions:

  • Pictures of people performing their jobs are permitted, but do not identify them without their consent.
  • Use proper copyrights and disclaimers.
  • Do not use group photos of staff that simply represent the members of an EPA organization, but serve no other function.
  • Do not use photos for self-promotion of staff members. This includes portrait shots associated with resumes or staff biographies.


Outside of

You are permitted to maintain a personal website.  See the guidance for this at the blog entry “What about my personal Web site and writing about my job at EPA?” at the Social Media @ EPA blog.

Related:  consult the Social Media Policy