Procedure: Protecting Content During Web Site Development

EPA builds all web content in the Drupal WebCMS starting in as of January 2013. All new microsites and resource directories will be created using Drupal.  There is still content on EPA's legacy servers and this content will be maintained there until it is transformed and moved into the Drupal WebCMS.  The following information should be used only for minor updates/maintenance of existing pages; any significant updates or revisions to existing pages should be done in the context of One EPA Web content transformation into the Drupal WebCMS.

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This document outlines the procedures for restricting developmental Web sites in order to protect EPA information intended for the World Wide Web from public view prior to management review and approval.


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Developmental Web site: a page or set of pages with draft content or design being prepared for public access on the Internet, and available to a restricted audience so that management and other interested parties can review their content or design.


Required Steps

  1. Create a developmental Web site for draft work on either the Intranet or in a password-protected directory on the Internet.


How To

Creating a Password Protected Area

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This directory is protected by a password: . When you try to access it, you will be asked for a user name and password:



This procedure protects EPA information intended for the World Wide Web from public view prior to management review and approval.  When developing new Web pages for public access, it is EPA’s practice to post these pages on a developmental site, sometimes of short duration, for the following purposes:

  • data verification,
  • usability testing,
  • link checking, and
  • management review.

Some EPA offices use “staging” or “pre-production” servers to perform these functions. These servers are in continuous operation and might be connected to the World Wide Web. In addition, some offices use temporary areas on EPA's Web server or on the Intranet server. In both cases, it is necessary to prevent the public from viewing EPA information not yet approved for publication on the Web.

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No waivers for EPA Internet sites. The intranet is automatically protected against public viewing, so no additional protection is necessary for developmental sites on the Intranet.


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Name Protecting Content during Web Site Development
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Effective date 09/07/2006
Date approved 08/16/2006
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Governing Policy Web Governance and Management (PDF) Intranet(5 pp, 339K, About PDF)

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