Step One: Get Access to EPA's Google Analytics Account

Step one of learning how to use Google Analytics to monitor your Web traffic metrics is getting access to EPA's Google Analytics account.  Keep in mind that it is your responsibility as a user to collect and interpret your own metrics and you must make sure that all of your Web pages carry the Google Analytics code.  For information about how Google Analytics is organized, visit Google Analytics Structure.

1. Create a Google Account

In order to access EPA's Google Analytics, you will need to create a Google account at Exit.  You should create an account using your work email address.  From the Google Account Setup page, click on "I prefer to use my own email address" to register your EPA email address.

2. Request Access to EPA's Google Analytics Account

Once your Google account is established, send the email address associated with the account to to gain user access to EPA's Google Analytics account.   You will receive an email confirmation once access has been granted.  You may then login to the account at Exit.

3. Sign in and Select a View (formerly known as Profiles)

Once you have signed-in to Google Analytics using your new account, you will see Web properties.  The Web property that will have EPA's Google Analytics is EPA Enterprise.  If you are using a personal Google account, you may see Web properties that you are personally a member of outside of EPA.  

Open EPA Enterprise and you will see a list of views (example below).  Select the view that you have been assigned.  The majority of users will be using the EPA Enterprise View, which includes Web traffic metrics for all of EPA's public websites.  For information about requesting new views, see Google Analytics Structure - Request a New View. Once you have selected your View you are ready to start using Google Analytics.  Please move on to Step Two: Google Analytics Basics.

list of google analytics views

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