Web Standard: Boxes


Boxes highlight specific web content.

Content Requirements

  • Use the boxes found in the EPA stylesheet. They are part of the look and feel and are described fully at: Style Guide: Boxes

Box Styles

  • Alert Box: Emergency alert or other important information. The title must convey the specific alert or emergency.  Use on any page.
  • Blog Box: used to pull in EPA blog content.  Used primarily on homepages.
  • Highlight Box: to highlight one set of related, critical or featured content
  • Image box (with or without a caption): sets the image apart from content and floats it left or right
  • Multi-purpose box:  For content that doesn’t meet any of the other definitions.
  • News Box: Lists of recent events, news items, or upcoming calendar events.
  • No Style Box: For microsite homepages
  • Pull Quote Box: To quote text from the content of the page. You can also use the pull quote author style for the author.
  • Quiz Box: uses the simple box. Used primarily on homepages.
  • Related Information Box: lists of related information, that is not critical or featured content.
    • On Homepages:
      • Use for Related Topics box on resource directory homepage, if used.
      • No images because this is for less important content.
    • On Basic pages: can use an image if needed
  • RSS Feed Box: used to pull RSS feeds from EPA newsroom.  If 3rd party content is used, you are responsible for 3rd party content.  Used primarily on homepages.
  • Simple Box: Has a title or uses an image as a header; does not have colored background heading.
  • Special One Item Box: Contains one link to one featured event or content feature.
  • Twitter Box:  use to display official EPA twitter information.  Used Primarily on homepages.


See: Style Guide: Boxes

About this Standard

Effective date: 03/22/2009
Date Approved: 09/12/2012
Web Council review by:  09/02/2014 (or earlier if deemed necessary)