Web Standard: Contact Us Page and Links


The Contact Us link appears twice on each EPA page: at the top and in the footer. It links to the web area Contact Us page, which provides information about how to contact EPA staff responsible for the web area content.

When a web area is created in the DWCMS, a Contact Us form is also created. This form should be edited to add additional information.

Content Requirements

  • Each Web area must provide a page with contact information specific to that area.
  • Contact us links are required at the top and footer of every EPA Web page. Both links must point to the same Contact Us page.
    • The footer reads: “Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback or report a problem” 
  • Contact Us pages must include the following ways of contacting the web area's owner:
    • mailing address
    • phone number (Recommended but not required)
    • online form for sending questions or comments
  • Contact page must also have the report a violations badge, link, and text.  If you want an exemption contact Jeffrey Levy.
  • If you use the Enterprise Customer Service Solution (aka the online FAQ system), you can link to it from your Contact Us page.
  • Contact information may refer to a group or hotline rather than a specific person. However, all email addresses provided must be epa.gov.
  • After submitting a form, the user must receive a follow up page thanking them for writing. This thank you page is system-generated, but you can modify the thank you text.
  • Contact information must be validated every 90 days.
  • "Regular" web forms are treated separately.


New Bedford Harbor: Contact Us

About this Standard

Effective date: 03/22/2002
Date approved: 05/12/2013
Web Council review by: 05/12/2015 (or earlier if deemed necessary by the Web Council)