Web Standard: Standard Language


EPA has been using standard language on the web site since 2002. We have terms that should be used consistently on the EPA Web site.

Content Requirements

Use THIS language if you have this type of link on your page. Do not create new terms to use instead. 

  • A to Z Subject Index. Links to subject index for the Web area topic.
  • Calendar. More inclusive than upcoming events; includes public notice periods, etc.
  • Compliance Help. Information to help industry and individuals comply or remain in compliance with regulatory and non-regulatory requirements. Content may range from plain-language guidance to self-auditing tools to formal regulatory assistance.
  • en español. Not "Spanish". Use if there are Spanish documents on the topic.
  • Enforcement. Intended for information about civil, criminal and/or cleanup enforcement initiatives, activities and actions.
  • Frequent Questions. Do not use the FAQs acronym.
  • Glossary. Definitions of key terms.
  • Grants & Funding. Resource information related to the topic.
  • Human Health. Includes health information and impacts specific to your topic.
  • Laws, or Regulations & Standards, or Laws & Regulations. Select the most appropriate term; use "Laws & Regulations" if you have content covering both areas. Regulations & standards are issued under a law or statute authority.
  • Newsroom. Links to news releases, etc. (differentiates from "New in [topic name]).
  • Partnerships. Information about partnerships and partners who work with us on a topic. May include: government, non-government organizations, companies, other "stakeholders," etc.
  • Policy, or Guidance, or Policy & Guidance. Select the most appropriate term; use "Policy & Guidance" if you have content covering both areas. Usually relates to regulatory and official policy guidance of the agency; distinct from "general" guidance, guidance on "how you can help," etc.
  • Publications. Links to listing of EPA produced material including videos and CD-ROMs as well as all printed material.
  • Related Links. Related links within and outside EPA.
  • Science, or Technology, or Science & Technology. Select the most appropriate term. Use "Science" to cover science and research content. Use "Technology" for strictly application content. Use "Science & Technology" if you have content covering both areas.
  • Site Map. Do not create a site map page. It is duplicate content. The homepage should have the web area navigation available in an organized way.
  • What You Can Do. Actions, activities, ways to help for general public, students, etc.

About this Standard

Effective date: 09/12/2012
Date approved: 09/12/2012
Web Council review by: 09/02/2014 (or earlier if deemed necessary by the Web Council)