Web Standard: Thank You Page


A page that users get when they submit a form that thanks them for their input or request.   

Content Requirements

  • For every form, there should be a follow-up page thanking the reader for submitting the information and offering links to continue browsing.
  • At a minimum, in the main body of the page, offer a link to the area’s home page.
  • In Drupal WebCMS, this page is automatically created with the Contact Us Form.  You can modify if needed.


The Thank You page generated after submitting a comment to the New Bedford Harbor site in Drupal Web CMS.  It links back to the Contact Us form.
A form-generated Thank You page in Drupal WebCMS

EPA home thank you page

About this Standard

Effective date: 01/01/2004
Date approved: 09/12/2012
Web Council review by: 09/02/2014 (or earlier if deemed necessary by the Web Council)