Web Standard: Title/ Title Tag


The page’s title tells the reader what that specific page is about.

The title tag, or <title>, provides the text used by search engines and browser bookmarks as the page title. It appears at the very top of the window, but does not appear in the body of the page. It is populated by the Drupal WebCMS using the Title content.

Content Requirements

  • The title should indicate the page's topic.
    •  Make sure your title is understandable without any other context.  Viewers coming to the page from a search engine should understand the content from the title.
  • The title is the only instance of the H1 tag on the page. No others should be added.
  • Include your most important and/or critical search terms in the title.
  • Use plain language
  • Avoid abbreviations and acronyms
  • Use title case (initial capital letters) instead of all upper or lower case


Page Title: Bay Area Water Projects: Maps and Partners
Title Tag: Bay Area Water Projects: Maps and Partners | San Francisco Bay Delta | US EPA

Page Title: What is Environmental Education?
Title Tag: What is Environmental Education? | Education | US EPA

About this Standard

Effective date: 09/28/2005
Date approved: 09/12/2012
Web Council review by: 09/02/2014 (or earlier if deemed necessary by the Web Council)