Web Standard: Unordered Lists: Tabs & Horizontal Links


Content that uses tabs for navigation.  Content can be on multiple pages, or a single page.

Content Requirements

  • A topic page within your site may include tabs as long as each tab is related to the overall page topic, and to each of the other tabbed topics, providing a complete set of information on the page topic in a single spot.
    • For example, on a page "Environmental Education Grants", tabs called "Grant Opportunities," "How to Apply," "Tips for Grant Applicants" etc. all relate to each other and to the page topic.
  • Use the EPA standard tabs.
  • If you have seven or more tabs, you should consider making the topic a web area of its own rather than including it in the microsite or resource directory you are currently developing.


See: Style Guide: Unordered lists, tabs. Also see, In-page Tabs.

About this Standard

Effective date: 09/12/2012
Date approved: 09/12/2012
Web Council Review by: 09/02/2014 (or earlier if deemed necessary by the Web Council)