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Disclaimer: This is EPA Guidance for how EPA uses YouTube. We have posted our guidance publicly in the spirit of collaboration. Other agencies and organizations may use social media differently.

Note: Remember that your official activities on-line are subject to the ethics regulations Intranet as well as other federal and agency laws, policies and regulations. In addition, existing policies and guidance for accessibility Intranetprivacyexternal site links, cookies, and writing style apply to social media tools as well. References to these are included at the end of this document.

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What is YouTube?

EPA has one YouTube channel, at Exit. Adding your video to our YouTube channel will help get it seen by a wide audience. Our YouTube channel is a supplement to As with all Web content, your video on must be captioned as per Section 508 (Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended, 29 U.S.C. 794d) As with all agency products, work with your content coordinator to have your video approved by Product Review, while also ensuring that the video satisfies applicable ethics, policy, and guidance requirements (see References at the end of this document).

Before developing any social media content, please contact your Communications Director, Public Affairs Director, and/or Web Council member. For more information the review and approval process for videos see the Review and Approval of Web Content page.

To submit a video

To submit your video for posting to the YouTube channel, copy the checklist (below) into an email with the subject line "Video Submission for YouTube" and send it to Ron Slotkin. This information has to be sent to the Office of Multimedia for approval prior to posting.

When submitting your video for posting to EPA's YouTube channel, please make sure that your submission is complete. Since videos cannot be posted without all of the requested information, please do not submit incomplete requests. If you are posting a Spanish language video, provide the information below in Spanish as well as in English, and use a separate e-mail for each video title. (Just copy the bulleted list below, paste into an e-mail and insert links/attachments/text into the bullets to include the information).

To ensure accurate posting, please wait to submit until you have all information and are able to include all of the following:

  • Your contact information: (phone, email)
  • Video title: (title should be short with most relevant words first (better for the way they show up in searches)
  • The video: (in the highest quality resolution you have)
  • Link to accessible version of this video on (read more about Section 508 accessibility and EPA)
  • Transcript: (verbatim, this will be used to caption the video on YouTube since YouTube "strips out" any existing captioning from videos already Closed Captioned)
  • Brief description of the video: (who, what, when, where)
  • Tags: (good tagging makes it more likely that your video will be found by search engines. Make sure your tags are comprehensive and complete. Please send tags as a series of key words separated by spaces. Make sure to Include US EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency.)
  • Link(s) to web page(s) for more information: (use format below, filling in the parentheses)
    For more information about [topic], go to [URL]
  • Specific event or date for posting, if any*: (date that you'd like the video to be posted) *Specific dates cannot be guaranteed, but we will try to accommodate requests

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  • The Web Guide is the authoritative source for Web sites and applications at EPA.
  • The Social Media @ EPA blog provides answers to questions about social media at EPA.
  • The Information Collection Request Center describes information collection requirements imposed on the public by the EPA.
  • Special Terms of Service Agreements have been negotiated with various social media sites that resolve the legal issues with the standard Terms of Service (TOS) users have to agree to when setting up an account.

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